Natural ways to relieve stress


Stress is epidemic in our country, ranging from mild anxiety for some, to a more serious issue for others.  The good news is there are many natural methods of relieving anxiety.  On Motivation Monday, Get Healthy U’s Chris Freytag shared four of her favorites.

A worry journal is a great exercise to help you put things into perspective or bring awareness to something bothering you.  Chris advocates keeping a journal handy for those nights when you might toss and turn in bed.   Instead of just losing sleep, get up and write down what’s bothering you.  It might help you relieve stress and get back to sleep.  For others, it can be a daily exercise as you wind down for the day.

Bach’s Rescue Remedy is a natural blend of herbs and candies that are intended to reduce tension.  Chris showed us a candy version.  It also comes in a spray or gun.

Mindful breathing is a great way to reduce tension on the spot.  Chris showed us a deep breathing exercise that follows a patten.  It’s called the 4-7-8 breath.  Breathe in for four counts. Hold for seven, then exhale for eight.  Repeat for about a minute.  Chris says it works and you can do it anywhere, anytime.’

Finally, yoga can help you reduce stress by giving you a mindful way to not only stretch your body, but also incorporate breathing to help you relax, and improve fitness.

Chris has 11 ways to reduce stress, and also a link to Bach’s Rescue Remedy on her website,


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