Sunday Reflections (26.2.17)

Every once in a while you come across people that move you spiritually and reawaken your Christian faith. In this world of prosperity preaching, Leviticus quoting, ultra right conservative Christianity, one can be easily moved to agnosticism.
Then you come across those who put the gospel in practice. Those who forsake all to do his good works. Those who feed the hungry, treat the sick, clothe the naked, treat the infirm and bring succour to the downtrodden. They risk their lives and health to bring education and basic healthcare to far flung, remote and neglected areas of the world. This is what I believe true Christian values are all about
My Heroes of Christianity are the thousands of Reverend Sisters who forsake all to do missionary work. Blessed are you, for you shall inherit the earth.
Special shout out to the Comboni Missionaries, the Lord has prepared a special place for you


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