Motivation To Work Culture

A word motivation expresses an enthusiasm. Motivation explains a process which inspires the person to work, to contribute to the best of capability; it directs human needs and controls the behaviors of human being. Abraham Maslow proposed five types of human needs explain how needs influence human behavior through his “Need Hierarchy Theory of Motivation” in 1943.The hierarchical process of human needs is,


1. Physiological needs.
2. Safety and security needs.
3. Social needs or affiliation or acceptance needs.
4. Esteem or Ego needs.
5. Self-actualization needs.


The physiological needs talks about a need for survival and maintenance of human life;themodern generations need to understand that ‘physical needs for the survival must be earned by physical work; any type of labor that you are capable of is your weapon to survival’.


The Safety and security needs. Itrelate to the physical security and economic security needs of person; Generations the work culture that you developed out from your capability can give you a life of security and safety, and it will let a person choose you as a skilled employee, we know skilled are the person who are professional in their own works and it is developed by the weapon called work culture as such you will content to satisfy Physiological needs even in the future.


The Acceptance Needs; This needs relate to social interaction these are the desires to belong and be socially accepted, to love and be loved as a social animal: the society are in the era of linking people and are developed to acceptance to the people who have better job, self sufficient earned and doing prestigious and regard able work. Socialism is one of those reasons why many individuals go to work and thus develop affiliations, acceptance, and belongingness’ that are important to the social humanism.


The Esteem or Ego Needs; These needs are of two different set of needs- the need for a positive self image and self respect- the need for the recognition and self respect from others; These needs are build by way of bringing up on counting self experience which earns confidence and by way of creating an social image by acknowledgeable work that is recognized and thus it earns prestige and group attention of the society at his or her movements even, as they are the one who transform themselves From The Labor to Skilled Workers, From Learners To Professionals and from Educated Learners to fill Experts.


The self Actualization or self fulfillment Needs; These needs is the desire to become everything one is capable of; This are the desire to realize one’s own full creative potentials through creativity, self expression and developed to become what he/she is capable of becoming; The self Actualization needs person are the leaders and creative persons who build the nation by optimum utilizing of resources and also,they are the person who have the ability and capabilities to gather all Forces from Labor to Expertise person as they are the man of hard work with experience and highly qualified intellectuals with wisdom.


Motivation controls the human behaviors is one of the factor that can be proved by person needs on maximum self development so also, a person needs achievements one after other is beyond infinity. Looking back to the world history the colonialism/colonizeera by Japanese and British so also The extension of US influence through economic investments in the regions so called DOLLAR DIPLOMACY. Are the works of ambitious nation Leaders having motive to gather the resources for higher need of the nation beyond individuals.


Today we Generations have to give deep thought in developing work culture in us by way of honest job doing, honest task solving, honest learning and doing any type of job on honest earning, which is the way to gather the resources for one and for all kinds’ of development.


We the generation learners’ have to believe in oneself that, Discrimination, Ego, Pride, Class, Inferior and Superior complex can cut out from our minds and deeds, as it is one of those reason which keeps us awayfrom developing work culture anddoing jobs on honest earning and thus it lead us to unskilled and unemployment. The world is growing to the heights of Expertise in their own filland yes, ‘it is time to put our dreams into practice as it is the need of the hour.At last to my thought I ask to myself that, “If you are so busy preparing to organize an hour program for a day, how are you preparing for your dream life”.



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