Before you enter 2017

1. Make your relationship with God a Priority. When your connection with God is topmost, everything falls into place.
   2. Nothing about 2017 will change until you fundamentally change the way you do things.
     3. In 2017, be deliberate and cautious about those you let into your inner circle . Unknown to you, you were hugely influenced by those closest to you in 2016.
     4. In 2017, start what you intend to do on time. No delays; No Procrastination!
      5. In 2017, better to keep quiet than to lie. After all is said and done, Your Integrity is all that matters.
       6. In 2017, if what you want is of value, you’re not the only person that wants it. You better move before you miss it.
         7. In 2017, remain genuine . Value Truth over sensationalism. Serve in love and watch God prove, approve and affirm you.
        8. In 2017, if they don’t see your Value, see them later.
         9. In 2017, always remember that people who have ‘no chill’ have no next level. Reckless Behaviour is a level stopper but those who exercise wisdom and discipline are promoted.
         10. In 2017, don’t forget , Humility isn’t Insecurity but rather the ability to conceal confidence and discipline yourself to operate in excellence without the need for credit.


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