Ask David

Ask David
Giants can crumble like a pack of cards…Goliath fell for David’s stone. Big Issues can fall for you… Ask David! 
The strength of your giant might just be in the negative words it speaks…If you can ignore the negative words going on on your head, you will soar…. Ask David! 
Dont keep quiet when you should say something… Ask David! 
Don’t ever forget your past testimonies; If God did it before, He will do it again…Ask David!
Championship isn’t about age; its about Grace…Ask David!
You will soon accomplish what your Predecessors and contemporaries all put together cannot achieve…Ask David!
What you have in your hand right now can bring down a Giant; dont disregard it…Ask David!
Those ahead of you might despise, disregard and dishonour you; but hey, dont give up or give in, there is something you carry…Ask David!
There is a CAUSE why you are where you are right now, make the most of it…Ask David!
Your Victory in life isn’t just for you but for the destinies that are tied to you as well…Ask David!
Dont be in a hurry to fight with what you arent used to; the armour of Saul might be sophisticated but it’s got an impediment potential. Keep it simple…Ask David!
The reason for that Giant (obstacle) in front of you is to make your story sweeter…Ask David!
Dont expect everyone to celebrate your victory; The Sauls of this life may consider you a major threat…Ask David!
Most times, close friends and family members may not even believe in your dreams…Ask David!
David collected five stones and eventually used one; Keep gathering values, you may never know the one that will bring down a giant…Ask David!


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