Brexit and the British Based Nigerians

One sad fact I have always known have been confirmed by this #brexit campaign. A good number of Nigerians in addition to being rabid tribalists are also quite racist and xenophobic as well.
A lot of the Nigerian Leavers, claim that the Eastern Europeans are taking all ‘their’ jobs and working for lower wages. In the past few days I have heard Nigerians describe Eastern Europeans as destitute, criminals, refugees, pick pockets and wait for it, fraudsters. Their whole rhetoric is based on the premise that they see the Europeans as competition and want them out of their way.
The annoying thing is that these were the same description that were used by the indigenous population on the early migrants and they are quite happy to use it on others simply because we are more settled than they are. 
I personally will be voting Remain because I believe Britain will be better economically and I believe that migration has contributed ‘net positively’ to the prosperity of the UK. Besides I would like others to benefit from the opportunities Britain has afforded me. 
For those who think the lot of Nigerians in Britain will be better off if all the European migrants leave, all I can say is that “Today UKIP came for them, tomorrow they will come for you”



2 thoughts on “Brexit and the British Based Nigerians

  1. This whole Brexit campaign made me think…imagine if Nigeria was like the UK, we’d be worse than those clamoring to leave the EU. Tribalism, nepotism, xenophobia will be the order of the day. We abhor competition.

    As for the Brits, it is ironic that they want EU immigrants to leave considering they themselves emigrated to all parts of the world and colonised virtually everyone.


  2. Today UKIP did not come for them. What UKIP did was to say they wanted to limit the future European migrant influx to a manageable amount. All of Nigeria is not allowed to move to the UK so why should all of Europe be allowed to? There is not enough space here for that.
    No one is talking of removing people who already live here. That would be racist.


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