Where did he go wrong?

Early morning husband woke up and ask his wife: “Would you like to join me for jogging?”Wife: “Ohh. So you mean to say I am fat?”

Hubby: “No. Jogging is good for health.” 

Wife: “Oh.. that means I am sick.”

Hubby: “No no. If you don’t want to get up, then it’s OK.”…

Wife: “So now you think I am lazy, ha?”

Hubby: “Nooo. You are misunderstanding me. I didn’t mean….”

Wife: “Aha! So I don’t understand you because I’m an illiterate, right?”

Hubby: “Now look I didn’t say that.”

Wife: “So am I lying? ”

Hubby: I beg you pls don’t stretch it in the morning”

Wife: “Oh, now so I am a quarrelsome nag, abi?

HUBBY: “Ok ok.. You go off to sleep. I am going jogging alone.. happy now?.”

Wife: “You always go alone everywhere and enjoy yourself.”

Hubby: “Pls, pls. I am feeling giddy now ” 

Wife: “See? You are so selfish. Always think of yourself alone. You never think of my health.”

Grrrrrr… Husband is sitting and thinking where he went wrong.                      


Happy Father’s Day 


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