What is Gobe?

What is GOBE?.

GOBE is when u give a beautiful girl a lift



faints in your car. You take her to the hospital

and when you get there, the doctor says


pregnant and congratulates you that you


going to be father very soon. You then shout that

you are not the father and the girl says

you are

the father….

Things are now getting GOBEFUL.

. You require a DNA test to prove you are

not the


Things are now getting GOBESTIC when


doctor comes with the result saying you can not

be a

father because you are infertile… You are

relieved, but on your way home you


you are married with three kids at home!…


Now you are extremely GOBECIOUS.


Now, you begin to ask yourself who is the

father of those

kids… You get home to find out that the

gateman is their real father. You are now

GOBEDED..U decided to travel home to

complain to ur mother about the latest

development.. And ur Mum with tears running down her cheeks tells u,my son..

I’m so sowie… Ur Dad ain’t really ur Dad…

Then u know that things are now

Gobe – Davido


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