Last Person Standing

If Life ever brings you close to these awesome people, hold them real tight and never let them go…
* Those that know more about you than your name and they still love you.

* Those that love to be in your Presence.

* Those that defend you in your absence.

* Those that laugh when you are laughing.

* Those who cry when you’re crying.

* Cheer when you’re winning.

* Refuse to leave when you’re losing.

* Believe in your Cause.

* See your Family as their Own.

* Pray for you as if their very lives depended on it.

* Respect it when you desire to have a “Me-Time”.

* Those who tell you the ‘bitter’ truth with a ‘Sweet’ demeanor.

* Those who have chosen and proven through thicks and thin to be your LAST MAN STANDING


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