The most important person in the world – Eyan Mayweather

If you did a survey and asked people who the most important person in the world is, you will get many diverse answers. Some will go for world leaders like Barack Obama or whoever the President of the United States is at the time, President of Russia, Chinese Premier etc. Many will also go for family members like Father, Mother, Wife, Husband, Partner, Children. You may even get the odd one going for Kim Kardashian!

The most important person in the world, your world, is You! You are at the center of your world and your life revolves around you. Without you there is no world and if you are gone, the world ceases to exist for you. We owe it to ourselves to make the best of our world and for those that share it with us. Making yourself the most important in the world means that you can provide a better world for your loved ones.

Making yourself important means you have to strive to be the best person you can. You have to try and keep healthy so that your world can go on for as long as possible. You have to achieve a degree of success in your chosen vocation so that you can make the world as comfortable for you and your loved ones as possible. Above all, you need to put yourself in the position that those who share the world with you enjoy having you around!


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