On my run today, I was listening to one of my favorite rap songs ‘Trapped’ off the brilliant 2Pacalypse Now album by the late 2pac (Tupac Shakur). The song is mainly about being trapped in the society due to racial profiling and police harassment.

Listening to the lyrics made me realise that we are all somewhat trapped in the kind of society we create for ourselves. Some are trapped in unfulfilling jobs and careers. Some are trapped in behaviours and habits that are not progressive; some are trapped in unrewarding relationships: while others are trapped in a life that seems not to be going anywhere.

The first two lines of songs can best describe living in this rut

You know they got me trapped in this prison of seclusion
Happiness, living on tha streets is a delusion

If you are tired of being caught in the vicious cycle of being trapped and not happy living in the streets of delusion, you have to wake up and say you have had enough and believe there must be a way out, another route. It is time to play a different game. It is time to take that plunge and break that chain that keeps you trapped.

It takes a lot of courage and careful planning to escape a trap in life, but the first step is identifying what it is that keeps you trapped. An introspective look and a careful strategy could lead you to a better life and a whole new you. Today is the day to take that step!




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