After the Reggae play the Blues

After the reggae play the blues is a popular Nigerian saying now made even more popular in a song by Nigerian musician Harrisongs. The saying can be translated as ‘After the sunshine comes the rain’. 

Reggae and Blues are two very contrasting types of music. Reggae music of the Bob Marley and Peter Tosh brand was seen as a quick tempo protest and revolutionary music. Blues on the other hand is more of a slow tempo evoking feelings of love and calmness. 

This can be translated in our daily lives because after the storm there would always be the calm. We go through many challenging situations in life that we can sometimes feel will last forever but with positive thinking and working at the challenge we will always overcome. As they say, ‘No condition is permanent’ (except death) we should always look at challenges as temporary and strive to shorten the length of that temporary and minimise any lasting impact.

By Ike Onwubuya

Reggae Blues – Harrisongs


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