Brand New Day by Ike Onwubuya

It’s a brand new day today and also the beginning of a new week. I am determined to make this week better than last week. Last week was a bit disappointing, received some setback but I will not let it demoralise me. I will rise above any disappointment and use it to my advantage. I am using any disappointment as the tonic and springboard to make this week a fruitful one. I Have started the week on a good note. Highly motivated to make a significant difference. In life,  the only person that can defeat you is yourself, within reason. I am inspired to excel myself and the bring out the exceptional qualities I believe I possess.


It’s always good to start the day with prayers. Even if you are not religious or believe in the efficacy of prayers, it always works as a good motivational vehicle for us. You pray for what you wish and you put yourself in action to achieve this. It’s almost like setting yourself objectives, you believe God (or whatever higher being you believe in) will grant you your wishes, but you also have to do your part. As they say heaven helps those who helps themselves. God will only assist you if you are willing to play a part in achieving what you pray for.

Procrastination is indeed the thief of time. It is also my greatest weakness. I have spent many a valuable time doing more pleasurable things at the expense of what is important and indeed less pleasurable. It is difficult to break the habit of a lifetime, I believe the way to tackle this is to set yourself small but achievable targets that you can meet relatively easy and boost your confidence.

Stay Blessed I remain Ike Onwubuya


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