Unblocking Yourself

These days the world especially social media is awash with blocking and unblocking. On Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, whatsapp and other sites, we are encouraged to block those who we feel are a nuisance or unnecessary. These sites also give us the options to unblock when we realise that the blocked ones maybe genuine or beneficial.

In life we have moments when we have blocked out beneficial thoughts because we think they are impossible to achieve. We may thoughts or aspirations of bettering ourselves either by embarking on a new journey but we block these thoughts because we feel the journey is ardous and may take much more than we are prepared to give. Daily we block out thoughts of acquiring better skills, giving up on excesses, improving our health and fitness, getting more involved in the community, writing that book or song etc. It could be anything that can transform you from your present place to a better place.

The trick to unblocking yourself is self-belief. Take a few moments to consider the options. Will acting on these thoughts transform your current situation? Will it be beneficial to you and your nearest and dearest? Have you got the current capacity to act on this? If you answered yes to these then you are on your way to unblocking yourself.

Press that unblock button, take that step, venture into the path of a new and better you. Nothing ventured, nothing gained

By Ike Onwubuya


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